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Tech Totality

With Tech Totality receive access to Above & Beyond’s unrivalled technology suite. Utilize the Big Data and Rate Shop functionality to analyze historical sales and future rates through all major booking channels. With the assistance of our yield management tool your hotel will thrive; providing real time data on competitor hotels to ensure yields are maximized each and every day. 

$499 USD / annum

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AAB Limitless

The opportunities for your hotel to succeed are truly limitless with the Above & Beyond technology suite and our distinguished global distribution at your disposal. Our unrivalled technology suite fused with content distribution to the combined power of all our global networks will set your hotel to compete on the world stage.

$1,199 USD / annum

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Tech Totality

AAB Limitless


Global Distribution through our world-class networks

Rate Loading & Verification

Dedicated rate loading, onboarding support, verification and rate check

Marketing Opportunities

Marketing to TMCs and to end consumers connected to our Travel Agents Facebook Pages.


Future Rate Shop. Yield Management Tool. Benchmark against competitors.

Global Distribution through our World-class Partners

10 Million Room Nights per annum


The Future is here

Past data allows you to be reactive – Future Data opens a world of opportunity to flex your rates and offer benefits in line with how you compare to your competitors to ensure you maximize your yield in all booking channels.

Future Rates

Ability to see your future rates, through the top distribution channels.

Compare Rates

Benchmark and view your competitor rates through top distribution channels for up to one month in advance.


Seamlessly promote your hotel and drive bookings in real time.

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As you can see, the solution we offer encompasses everything you need to cover all channels and maximize bookings and growth on a global scale.

Our aim is to not only help hotels drive business, build long-lasting relationships with travel agencies and TMCs globally and provide market leading data; we want to make this easy for you to work with us too!

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How to Participate?

We have also made working with us so simple. All you need to do is complete the Above & Beyond RFP in Lanyon/Cvent tool so that we can:

  • Capture all your information to pull your GDS rates through to the booking platform – as usual once we receive your RFP, we will provide you with rate loading instructions to load your rates and ensure all are visible through to 31 December 2023.

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